Grace harrell -
co-artistic director of hair color

Grace Harrell brings a lot of hustle to her hair game. She’s always looking to learn, grow in her craft, and stay ahead of the curve. After graduating from the Aveda Institute Chicago in 2009, Grace spent three years specializing in cutting and styling at a Chicago-based Aveda lifestyle salon. She then transitioned into an educator role at the Aveda Institute Chicago, where she spent over three years teaching before becoming the color specialist at Ladies & Gentlemen Salon & Spa in 2015. Grace is passionate about the art and balance of the full salon experience, making every guest look and feel beautiful through technique, color, and effortless conversation. But what really makes her tick is bringing her experience behind the chair into a classroom setting, where she can give back to the industry through education and example. Grace’s own hunger to learn is one of the traits that makes her a great educator. She brings the same spirit that led her to spend countless hours of continued education specializing in color as she does to teaching.