Julie kocanyar-
co-artistic director of Hair color

For Julie, education is a constant and hair color is all about freedom. A seasoned stylist and colorist, Julie studied at the Casal Aveda Institute and spent four years specializing in hair color at an Ohio-based Aveda salon. In 2015, she moved to Chicago to work at Ladies & Gentlemen Salon & Spa, where she assisted under Sal Misseri. She is a certified Davines brand ambassador, and a member of the Cosmetologist of Chicago NextGen team. Always hustling to hone her skills, Julie has worked on multiple editorial and NAHA photo shoots, and has traveled extensively throughout the US and abroad to attend hair shows and learn from a wide variety of educators. Julie’s thirst for learning extends to her teaching, where her approach is defined by a desire to share knowledge and passion amongst the community. She enjoys the creative freedom of developing the perfect tint, but she especially loves that moment when a client is finally free to be themself–or somebody else–thanks to their new look.


Julie Kocanyar.jpg