kerra Coticchia -
artistic director of hair styling

Kerra Coticchia takes a holistic approach to styling, considering a person’s lifestyle, personal brand, and personal style when choosing a cut, style, or makeup look. A six-year veteran in the industry, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising and a Cosmetology license from the Brown Aveda Institute, where she specialized in styling, makeup, and hair cutting. Kerra’s educational background includes a three-day ABC cutting class at Sasson; a five-day intensive with Vivienne Mackinder; and multiple classes with artists Lupe Voss, Janelle Geason, and Alan Ruiz. She trained closely with Sal Misseri for two years, assisting him on countless shoots and shows. In 2014, Kerra won the Stars Photo Competition for Best Men's Look. Kerra believes in the power of education and believes that the best way to elevate the industry is by engaging students and stylists in empowering educational experiences.